Western Red Cedar Decking – Goodman Project

Prized for its timeless beauty and work-ability, Western Red Cedar is a perfect choice for decking by homeowners and contractors alike

Naturally resistant to rot and decay, good quality Western Red Cedar decking will perform beautifully in our damp Pacific Northwest climate for many years to come.  Milled beautifully, it lies flat and stays straight; and because it is soft, no pre-drilling or special tools are required for installation.

We offer Western Red Cedar decking in a variety of widths and thicknesses, as well as grades. With all of this, it is easy to see why it is readily chosen over more expensive hardwoods and manufactured decking.

To help you design and build your dream deck using Western Red Cedar, the maximum spans for the various sizes on a continuous beam are as follows:

Thickness xWidth       Grade                     Span

5/4              4                    Clear                           16”

5/4              4                   Knotty                          12”

5/4              6                   Clear or Knotty           16”

2                 4                  Clear or Knotty            24”

2                6                   Clear or Knotty            24”

To help you figure the correct amount of decking needed for your project, use the following footage calculations to cover 100 square feet:

Size                                        Linear Feet

5/4×4  or  2×4                        325

5/4×6  or  2×6                        211

For other tips on designing your dream deck and installing your Western Red Cedar decking, please visit our blog posts on those subjects by clicking

HERE for Design

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Always be sure to check your local building codes for spans, clearances and railing requirements in your neighborhood

Please enjoy these fantastic project photos of the Goodman deck using our top quality Western Red Cedar.  5/4×6″ knotty decking was used for the deck top.

5/4x6" Knotty Western Red Cedar Decking

Top Quality Western Red Cedar Decking will perform well for many years

Knotty Red Cedar Decking

Western Red Cedar Deck with Hog panel railing

cedar railing with welded wire "hog panel"

Nick Goodman recently left this review on our Facebook page regarding this project
I want to thank you for all of your guidance and help in choosing not only the wood but also the method of hog wire railing installation. You guys have great prices, wonderful customer service and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thanks again.”

We provide delivery in our local area, as well as the San Juan Islands, Skagit, Whatcom, Island, Snohomish County and beyond!  Outside our area, shipment is arranged via common carrier.

With shipments leaving our warehouse daily, our customers know they can count on the quality of our products, backed excellent customer service and superior product knowledge.


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Western Red Cedar Table Arbor ~ DIY

Perfect for small spaces when a massive Cedar Pergola would be overwhelming, or as in this case, to add lighting above an outdoor picnic table, this Western Red Cedar Table Arbor is a great DIY project.  Easy to assemble and not a lot of special tools are required.

We used a 5’ Western Red Cedar picnic table we already own and made the table arbor appropriate for its size.  We modified the existing table by cutting 4” openings in the table top just outside where the table legs are to allow the table arbor to be secured to the picnic table legs, rather than the table top for more security and stability.

Material List

  • 2 ea 6’ 4×4” Appearance Cedar Posts
  • 4 ea 4’ 2×6” Knotty Cedar Boards
  • 4 ea 6’ 2×4” Knotty Cedar Boards
  • 8 ea 4’ 2×2” Clear Cedar Boards
  • 16 ea 6” Timberloc Screws
  • 8 ea 4” Timberloc Screws
  • 36 ea 3” Stainless Steel Screws

Tools Needed

  • Tape Measure
  • Cordless Drill & Bits
  • Chop (or Skill) Saw
  • Level

After the openings are cut through the table top of the picnic table, we squared the ends up on the 4×4’s, leaving one end on each flat (for the top of the table arbor) and angled the other end on each to add interest.  We attached the first post to an existing table leg using four of the 6” Timberloc screws about a foot down on to the table leg.   To ensure the two posts will be even in height, before securing the second one, use the level to determine the correct placement of the second post.  Attach with four 6” Timberloc screws.

For ease of construction, the next portion of the frame is built on the table top around the 4×4’s, but not secured to the 4×4’s.  We evened up the ends and angle cut the 2×6’s and placed them on either side of the 4×4 post, then laid out the 2×4’s with even spacing and secured the 2×4’s (after we cut the angles on the end) on top of them using 6” Timberloc screws through the 2×4’s into the 2×6’s.  Once the frame is assembled, around the 4×4’s, lift it up and secure it to the top of the 4×4’s.  Be sure to use the level to check the height on each end before securing each 2×6 to the 4×4’s with two 4” Timberloc screws on each side of the 4×4.  Each post will have a total of four 4″ Timberloc screws in it to secure the frame to the top.

Next, we squared up the ends of the 2×2’s and cut each into the desired angle, spaced them evenly on top of the 2×4’s.  We used 3” Stainless Steel screws to secure the 2×2’s onto the 2×4’s.  (p.s. cats are not very helpful for this portion of the job)

how to build a table top arbor out of western red cedar

Solar powered garden lights (3 sets) were secured to the table arbor using stainless steel staples.  This will add lighting to the table after the sun goes down.  (cats are not very helpful with this portion of the project, either)

Attaching solar string lights to a Western Red Cedar Picnic Table Arbor

How to build a table top arbor over a picnic table

The finished product ready for the next party!

To learn more about using the correct fasteners for this project, as well your other Western Red Cedar outdoor projects, please find more information by reading our blog post on this subject by clicking HERE  

Western Red Cedar table top arbor

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Tips for Re-finishing Your Western Red Cedar

For the best results, thoroughly inspect your Western Red Cedar siding, trim and/or decking first for any damage, mildew and dirt.  Make any necessary repairs, then clean the Cedar with warm water and phosphate free soap.  If necessary, a stiff bristle (non-metallic) brush can be used.  If there is mold or mildew (brown or black spots) it needs to be killed with a commercially available mildew killer/cleaner or warm water and oxygen bleach.  Should water staining be evident, scrubbing the wood with an oxalic acid solution can be effective for removal.

Western Red Cedar Siding Cleaning Tips

If there is old paint or solid color stain that is peeling and cracking, you will likely need to remove the old finish prior to removing any mold or mildew.  First, scrape away all loose, cracked or peeling finish.  In severe cases, all the of the old product must be removed and must be done so with extreme care as to not damage the wood underneath.  Should old paint or solid color stains not require full removal, you can feather the edges of the product to the bare wood by careful sanding.   The removal of any mold or mildew can then be done.  Thoroughly rinse with clean water and allow to dry completely.

The use of a pressure washer is not recommended for cleaning Western Red Cedar or to remove old finish, as it may raise the grain and/or damage the Cedar which will make re-staining or re-painting difficult.

If the Cedar has greyed and you would like to restore it back to its original color, that can be done fairly easily using commercially available wood brighteners after you have sanded the exposed surface of the Cedar.  Next, treat any mold or mildew and/or water staining.

After you are certain your Cedar is completely dry after it is cleaned, it is time to refinish.  When choosing a product for refinishing, it should be the same type as the original finish.  Old latex should be replaced with latex, and old oil based finishes should be replaced with new oil based finishes, with the exception of latex being able to be put on top of old oil based finishes.  Always follow the manufacturer’s directions no matter which product you choose and make sure that it is specifically formulated to help control extractive bleeding and is approved for use on Western Red Cedar.

how to prep to stain western red cedar

Caution:  Film forming finishes such as lacquer, shellac, urethane and varnish are NOT recommended for use on Western Red Cedar in exterior applications and should be removed with great care.

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How to Style a Front Porch

-by Kym Kelly

As we come and go in our busy daily lives, we often stop seeing our surroundings through other’s eyes. A neglected front porch that accumulates miscellaneous odds and ends may not seem like a big deal, but to a new visitor or potential buyer it can be a real turn off. Even on a budget, some small touches, such as a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint on the front door, can really boost a first impression. And, with the addition of a few furnishings, your porch can add real value; creating a welcoming transitional space between the outdoors and indoors.

How to style a front porch

Even a small porch can be made to feel welcoming by updating the light fixture, adding a fun little sign, and a well placed chair, as seen in this picture.

After a good freshening up, consider the size of your porch and your home’s architectural details. You want to make sure people can easily access the steps and front door and not feel crowded with too much furniture or accessories. You will also want to create a style that compliments the exterior of the home, as well as reflects the personality of the home’s interior.

For those lucky enough to have a big front porch, making it into additional usable living space can be a challenge. For years, the porch at our house was left totally blank, other than a seasonal wreath on the door and a welcome mat. I had this idea in my head that it needed to be accessorized with beautiful rocking chairs, wicker love seats and tables, fantastic carpets, lush ferns and gorgeous potted plants just like in the magazines. I wanted it all, but wasn’t ready to pay the $2,000+ to create that style.  Finally, I began to look at items I already owned and scoured second hand stores to find items in my budget that would turn my porch from a boring entry to a bonus living area for our home. Now, our front porch has become my favorite room and I look forward to freshening it up each season by changing the plants and other accessories.

front porch

A customer of ours in Florida sent us this picture to let us know how amazing the
custom stained Western Red Cedar Shingles we provided look on her home (p.s. we love
customer photos!). I adore the sweet style she created on her porch with the vintage day bed and loads of pillows. She lives close to the ocean, so the simple addition of some “beachy” accessories completes this outdoor space perfectly. Note how the color palette of accessories complements the shingles, which we custom coated with a semi-transparent stain called Water Lily. So inviting!

Western Red Cedar Shingles

So, when you go home tonight, take a good, hard look at your entry and begin to think of items you already own that you might be able to add to bring a little personality and style to your front porch. Scour garage sales or thrift stores for a fun piece of furniture and maybe add a fresh coat of paint to the piece to bring additional color to your porch. Next, add some softness with pillows, candles (I buy the inexpensive ones at the Dollar Store), seasonal flowers and accessories.

A well styled porch welcomes you home every day!

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Cedar Roof Top Deck

Sometimes, thinking outside “the box” can have great rewards! Our customer recently
completed this beautiful roof top deck to enjoy our upcoming beautiful Pacific Northwest evenings. When the weather cools and the “rainy season” begins, the Western Red Cedar deck panels can be removed and stored. Because it is light in weight and naturally resistant to rot and decay, Western Red Cedar is the perfect choice for this type of application.

5/4x4 Western Red Cedar Decking

Each deck panel was made using our 5/4×5” Knotty Western Red Cedar decking; a somewhat uncommon size that allows the look of a wider board, but a little lighter on the pocketbook. This decking is Kiln Dried prior to final milling, which makes for a smoother finished deck board.  Beautiful and affordable!

To make each of the removable deck top panels, the 5/4×5″ radius edged Western Red Cedar decking was screwed to 2×4” Cedar runners cut to the appropriate size for each of the roof top panels.  The size of your panels will depend on your particular roof, all while taking into consideration how the panels will be moved and stored.  If you will be moving the panels up and down stairs by yourself, for ease of removal, smaller panels would work better than something that would be stored on the same level moved by two people.

To allow for expansion and contraction of the decking, as well as to allow rain and debris to fall through, allow adequate spacing between the deck boards.  We recommend at least a 1/4″ gap between boards.  When installing the Cedar deck boards to the runners, to prevent corrosion, we recommend using Stainless Steel or coated screws at least 2-1/2″ long for 5/4″ decking.

20140703_173620 (2)

For more information on planning and installing your decking, including a list of tools and other items needed, please visit our blog on Deck Installation by clicking HERE .  If you have other questions, our team of experts is happy to help.

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Western Red Cedar Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are a great solution for most people wanting to put in a vegetable garden.   Not only do they look neat and tidy, they also produce a higher yield than traditional gardens per square foot.

Because of its resistance to rot and decay, Western Red Cedar is the IDEAL choice for raised beds.

cedar raised garden beds

And here are just a few more reasons why Western Red Cedar raised garden beds are a great choice

  • Longer planting season. In the Spring, the soil warms faster and retains heat longer into the Fall
  • Because the soil is not being walked on, there is great aeration for your plants, as well as excellent drainage
  • Less maintenance! Weed control is much easier, as is pest control
  • Way less bending ~ this provides relief to the back and knees
  • No tree roots or other obstacles so root expansion is not impeded
  • The wooden frame work makes it easy to attach trellises for upright planting – thus producing even higher yield
  • It is easier to amend the soil as needed for the types of crops being grown

When planning your new raised garden, ideally you would want your beds to be 3 to 5 foot across to allow for easy accessibility for planning, harvesting and weeding, as well as allow enough soil for the veggies to grow in.  Any narrower than 3’ do tend to dry out fairly quickly.   As far as length, that can vary as much as your imagination, or what your particular space allows.   Beds 10-12” deep work well for most vegetables.

Raised bed garden

Western Red Cedar Raised Garden Bed Material


2×12” Western Red Cedar for raised garden beds at pricing you can afford!  Limited to stock on hand!

When available, we offer discounted, full rough sawn Western Red Cedar that is perfect for making raised garden beds.   Our current offering would make the cost of the Cedar for a 4×8’ bed out of 2×12” material about $85.

Cedar for raised garden beds


Select a nice sunny, location and remove the sod.  Next level the area to the best of your ability.  Cut your Cedar into your desired lengths and lay in place.  Next, screw your pieces together using a self taping screw, such as a 4” Timberlock.  We would recommend using 2 per connection.


For protection against weeds coming up through the bottom of the bed, you can place weed blocking cloth on the bottom.  Additionally, if you are worried about moles or other critters boring up through your beds, you can lay chicken wire inside the bed and secure it to the sides using staples.  Next, fill your bed with a good quality organic soil and you are ready to plant!

raised garden beds filled with organic soil ready to plant

Due to excellent pricing on our Raised Garden Bed Cedar, it is sold *as is* ~ there are no returns or exchanges.  pricing is limited to stock and lengths on hand.

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Make Your Own Rustic Christmas Tree out of Western Red Cedar

Perfect for small spaces and those who love simplicity. This crafty little tree can be made in practically any size.  Because this little Christmas Tree is made from Western Red Cedar that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, it can be displayed indoors, as well as out.

Start by determining how tall you would like the tree to be.how to make a rustic christmas tree out of western red cedar scraps Cut a piece of 5/4×4″ Western Red Cedar to the length desired.  Ours is about 8′ tall.

Next, measure up about 10” from the bottom of the trunk and begin laying your pieces of scrap lumber.  Pieces that are ¼” thick, in varying widths work really well and add a nice country charm. Use your longer pieces at the bottom, working your way up to the top with shorter pieces.

A good way to make your spacing even between rows, as well as keep your slats level, is to use a block of wood about 1” thick and place it in between courses. Attach each course using screws that firmly secure the material together, but don’t penetrate all the way through the trunk piece.

Since we are working with Western Red Cedar, it is important to use Stainless Steel or coated fasteners for this project.  Other types of fasteners can leave streaking and can corrode, especially if your tree will be displayed outdoors.

Next, measure out the longest piece on the bottom evenly on both sides and draw a line from that mark to the center of the top with a pencil. This will create the perfect triangle, which can be as narrow or wide as you choose.

Using a skill saw, follow the shape of the triangle that you drew and you will have a perfect Christmas tree shape. The tree can be displayed in its natural state, or if you prefer, you could paint it, or a white wash can be applied like in the tree here.

Rustic Western Red Cedar Christmas Tree with Whitewash applied

The make the white wash, mix white latex paint with water. We used a ratio of ¼ paint to ¾ water, for this tree so that the finish is light and the natural characteristics of the wood come through.

Now your Rustic Country Christmas Tree is ready for decorations!

Rustic Handmade Wooden Christmas Tree

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