Knotty Western Red Cedar Tongue and Groove for Ceilings and Soffits

Trending Now – Used to add a bit of warmth and to bring a cohesive look from the interior of a space to the outdoors, installing Knotty Western Red Cedar tongue and groove on the ceilings inside the home, as well as in the home’s exterior soffits and ceilings is trending now.  Combined with white walls, this look is perfect for a crisp, modern design.

Knotty Cedar Ceilings installed inside the home, as well as outside create a cohesive modern look

craftsmanship by RGN Construction of Seattle, photo by Swift Studios

knotty Western Red Cedar T&G installed over outdoor spa

craftsmanship by RGN Construction of Seattle, photo by Swift Studios

Knotty Western Red Cedar T&G is used on the interior, as well as exterior ceilings on this custom home built by RGN Construction of Seattle

craftsmanship by RGN Construction of Seattle, photo by Swift Studios

Tongue and groove, commonly referred to as T&G, is created by boards that have been manufactured to have one protruding rib (tongue) on one edge and a groove on the other edge, so that the tongue from one board fits into the groove in the next board. When properly installed, the T&G joint is very strong and can withstand the expansion and contraction of the wood as temperatures change.

example of what wood Tongue and groove looks like

Our Select/Quality Knotty Western Red Cedar T&G is readily available in 1×4”, 1×6”, and 1×8”, as well as 2×6”, and is perfect for interior ceilings as well as exterior soffits and ceilings.  We are also able to offer custom milled profiles, as well as Western Red Cedar T&G in clear grades.

To save money and time on the job, we can arrange to have your knotty Western Red Cedar T&G custom stained to nearly every color imaginable.  Read more about that process HERE

crisp white walls and knotty Western Red Cedar ceilings define this modern, rustic home

craftsmanship by Impel Construction

Knotty Western Red Cedar ceilings with white walls

craftsmanship by Impel Construction

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How to Style a Front Porch

-by Kym Kelly

As we come and go in our busy daily lives, we often stop seeing our surroundings through other’s eyes. A neglected front porch that accumulates miscellaneous odds and ends may not seem like a big deal, but to a new visitor or potential buyer, it can be a real turn-off. Even on a budget, some small touches, such as a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint on the front door, can really boost the first impression. And, with the addition of a few furnishings, your porch can add real value, creating a welcoming transitional space between the outdoors and indoors.

How to style a front porch

Even a small porch can be made to feel welcoming by updating the light fixture, adding a fun little sign, and a well-placed chair, as seen in this picture.

After a good freshening up, consider your porch’s size and your home’s architectural details. You want to make sure people can easily access the steps and front door and not feel crowded with too much furniture or accessories. You will also want to create a style that compliments the exterior of the home and reflects the personality of the home’s interior.

For those lucky enough to have a big front porch, making it into additional usable living space can be challenging. For years, the porch at our house was left totally blank, other than a seasonal wreath on the door and a welcome mat. I had this idea in my head that it needed to be accessorized with beautiful rocking chairs, wicker love seats and tables, fantastic carpets, lush ferns, and gorgeous potted plants just like in the magazines. I wanted it all but wasn’t ready to pay the $2,000+ to create that style.  Finally, I began to look at items I already owned and scoured second-hand stores to find items in my budget that would turn my porch from a boring entry to a bonus living area for our home. Now, our front porch has become my favorite room, and I look forward to freshening it up each season by changing the plants and other accessories.

front porch

A customer of ours in Florida sent us this picture to let us know how amazing the
custom stained Western Red Cedar Shingles we provided look on her home (p.s. we love
customer photos!). I adore the sweet style she created on her porch with the vintage day bed and loads of pillows. She lives close to the ocean, so the simple addition of some “beachy” accessories completes this outdoor space perfectly. Note how the color palette of accessories complements the shingles, which we custom coated with a semi-transparent stain called Water Lily. So inviting!

Western Red Cedar Shingles

So, when you go home tonight, take a good, hard look at your entry and begin to think of items you already own that you might be able to add to bring a little personality and style to your front porch. Scour garage sales or thrift stores for a fun piece of furniture, and maybe add a fresh coat of paint to the piece to bring additional color to your porch. Next, add some softness with pillows, candles (I buy the inexpensive ones at the Dollar Store), seasonal flowers, and accessories.

A well-styled porch welcomes you home every day!

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