Thanksgiving 2020

We are so thankful for our employees, customers, friends and colleagues. In observance of Thanksgiving, we will be closed Thursday, November 26 & Friday, November 27.

We will be back in the office bright and early on Monday, November 30th to help you will your specialty building materials needs.

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Happy New Year!

As we close 2019, we want to wish all our customer, vendors, family and friends a very prosperous 2020! We will be closing early on New Year’s Eve and taking the day off for New Year’s. Back at it and here to serve you Thursday, January 2nd bright and early! Cheers!

Cedar Country Lumber of Burligton, WA is a supplier of high quality Cedar products nationwide. 2020 New Year's eve and New Year's Day hours.

Before your next project, be sure to visit us!  We ship nationwide!


950 B Fountain Street, Burlington WA


SICBA Home Tour 2019

Tour spectacular custom built homes in Skagit and Island Counties

September 13th, 14th and 15th 2019

Skagit Island Counties Home Tour September 2019

Step Inside, Get Inspired, Meet the Builders and TAKE THE TOUR!

10 custom homes built by Skagit/Island Counties Builders Association (SICBA) Member Builders are featured on this year’s Home Tour. These homes are scattered throughout Skagit & Island Counties.

Large Doug Fir Timbers for outdoor living room

We supplied the wood building materials for this stunning outdoor living space. See it on the tour! Built by John Piazza Jr Construction

Each ticket to tour the homes is just $10 and is good for all 3 days.  Kids 15 and under are free. So make a weekend of it and tour all 10 homes!  Use the code TOURSPONSOR during checkout and get a $1 discount on each ticket as our guest when you purchase on them online at

And before your next project, be sure to visit us!  We provide specialty lumber to homeowners and contractors through out the Pacific Northwest, as well as nationwide!

950 B Fountain Street, Burlington WA





Woodfest April 27 & 28, 2019

Proud to help sponsor this Tulip Festival sanctioned event again!

So much to see and do! Woodfest

 WoodFest: Timber to Tech!  The students of multiple high schools and middles schools will proudly be displaying their amazing craftsmanship from woodworking to 3D printing.   Watch live demonstrations from wood turners and carvers (including the uniquely popular chainsaw carvers!), participate in family activities and browse the wares of various vendors, including: handmade wooden products, quilting, jewelry and more.  There will also be a silent auction and raffle!   For more information, as well as times and locations for all the WoodFest activities, please visit the WoodFest Event Page by the Sedro Woolley Chamber of Commerce.


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Read what our customers have to say about us on Houzz:

Review by Wildwood Homes llc:

Tom and crew are truly professionals.  If you want the best quality and service and are tired of dealing with the warehouses and their mediocre product, contact Cedar Country (formerly Cedar Creek).

Review by Dexperts:

I have been purchasing materials from Cedar Country (formerly Cedar Creek) for years.  They are a great supplier to work with, you will not find better service or product knowledge at any store. This is not the kind of lumber yard you stop by to grab a handful of studs at, but If you need cedar products or something specific from timbers to paneling these are the people to talk to.

Review by lorijh1: (Owner of Soundecks)
I have been doing business with Cedar Country (formerly Cedar Creek) since they opened their doors.  They have always been extremely helpful, have quality products and a great price.  Their customer service is superb!  

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Timbertech Decking

photo and craftsmanship by Soundecks of Anacortes, WA

If we have supplied materials for a job of yours and you would like us to feature on Houzz and other social media, be sure to email us your photos!

950 B Fountain Street, Burlington WA

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Ride In Style – SICBA Home Tour

RIDE IN STYLE while taking the SICBA Home Tour! Tour Skagit County Homes in style, Sept. 9th and tour the Island County Homes in style, Sept. 10th. Limo details & tickets available at

Limo Tours sponsored by

Cedar Country Lumber 

and Yonkman Construction, Inc.


SICBA Home Tour Limo Ride Sponsored by Cedar Country Lumber


We are sponsoring the “Ride In Style” tour on Saturday, September 9th for a tour of the Skagit County homes.  We’ll be meeting the limo in the parking lot to the East of McIntyre Hall at Skagit Valley College at 10am and will visit 5 custom homes, with a stop in between for lunch at Flyer’s Restaurant.  The tour will take approximately five and half hours.

As of today, there are 6 tickets remaining for this exclusive “Ride In Style” tour of the Skagit County homes featured in the 2017 SICBA Tour of Homes.   Each ticket is $35.

Each ticket holder will receive a snack bag, a $10 gift card to Flyers Restaurant and a pair of booties.  The limo will also be stocked with water, a growler of beer, one bottle of red wine and one bottle of white wine.  Your ticket will be good for all 3 days, so you will be able to enjoy the tour and view the remaining homes on your own on Friday or Sunday.

Reserve your seat and purchase tickets HERE

Interested in riding in style to see the homes on tour in Island County?  Yonkman Construction is the sponsor of that tour, which will take place on Sunday, September 10th.  For more details on that tour, please visit the SICBA Home Tour website by clicking HERE

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 9th!


Merry Christmas!

Christmas gift suggestions: to your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.  ~ Oren Arnold


Katie, Brutus, Kym & Tom at the Skagit/Island Counties Builders Association Christmas Dinner.


Western Red Cedar Fence Board Grades

Day after day we receive inquiries for the price of fence boards. Unlike traditional lumber yards and box home improvement stores, when a call like that is received at our store, our staff provides a price for a Western Red Cedar fence board as well as the grade. In many cases, the person who is inquiring about the price does not have a clear understanding of what the grading means and maybe comparing pricing of products from various sources that are not equal.

Imagine calling around to different restaurants and asking for the price of “cheeseburger”.  While it is called the same thing at a fast food restaurant as well as a nice family restaurant, the“cheeseburger” at each location will be different quality and the pricing would reflect that. You would not purchase a cheeseburger based solely on price while not taking into consideration the quality, so therefore, you should not select a fence board based solely on price either.

While there is no regulation or standards for “cheeseburgers”, there are established standards for fence boards that have been developed by the National Lumber Grades Authority, as well as the West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau. It is important to note, that “fence grade” is below Knotty or Clear grades of Western Red Cedar and should not be compared to the quality or held at the same standard as lumber in those grades.

The West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau divides Western Red Cedar Fence Boards into three basic categories. Any grade may be rough or surfaced, Air Dried, Kiln Dried or “green”. Grade is determined by the best face.

No. 1 Fencing “Select”

  • Checks and Pinholes are not limited
  • Shakes are “Fine”
  • Skips are “hit and miss”, splits are “short”
  • Knots are sound and tight
  • Spike Knots can be approximately 1/2 face width or equivalent
  • Tolerance of 1/16″ over or under in thickness, width may vary along the piece of 1/8″, but not to exceed 20% of the pieces


Select Quality Western Red Cedar Fencing


No. 2 Fencing “Quality”

  • Checks and Pinholes are not limited
  • Shakes are “fine”
  • Skips are “hit and miss”, splits are “medium”
  • Wane can be 1/2 thickness as well as 1/3 width
  • There can be small spots or streaks of unsound wood
  • White speck not limited
  • There maybe some knots that are not firmly fixed or are unsound but may not exceed 1/3 the width of the board
  • Spike Knots can be 3/4 of the face width
  • Maximum 1″ holes with 4 per foot allowed, unless “No Hole” is specified
  • Same tolerance of thickness and width as Select Fencing

This is a great example of our No. 2 Select “No Hole” Fencing, which is the standard fence board we supply unless otherwise specified. This particular fence is made from 3/4″ net thick material that the customer made a custom, decorative top cut to.

This is a great example of our No. 2 Select “No Hole” Fencing, which is the standard fence board we supply unless otherwise specified. This particular fence is made from 3/4″ net thick material that the customer made a custom, decorative top cut to.

No. 3 Fencing “Rustic”

  • Lumber of this grade is suitable for low grade and permits all characteristics which do not interfere with the use of the piece
  • Thickness can be 3/16″ over or under invoiced thickness
  • Edge skips can not exceed 1/4″
  • Variation on width should not exceed 1/2″

We do not allow returns or exchanges on ANY No.3 fencing, as the pricing reflects the quality of the the material of the whole order

no 3 fencing

No. 3 Western Red Cedar Fence Boards

GLOSSARY as provided by The West Coast Lumber Inspection Bureau
Shake – A lengthwise separation of the wood with occurs between or through the rings of
annual growth.

  • “Light” or “Fine” Shake is not over 1/32″ wide
  • “Medium” Shake is not over 1/8″ wide
  • “Surface” Shake occurs on only one surface of the piece
  • Shake should not be confused with bark seams

Split – A separation of the wood through the piece of the opposite surface or to an adjoining surface due to the tearing apart of the wood cells.

  • “Very Short” is equal in length to 1/2 of the width of the piece
  • “Short” is equal in length to the width of the piece and does not exceed 1/6 the length
  • “Medium” is equal in length to twice the width of the piece and does not exceed 1/6 thelength
  • “Long” is longer than a medium

Skips – Occurs during milling when the board is too thin in an area to reach the planer blades, thus resulting in rough spot

Wane – Bark or lack of wood from any cause, except eased edges, on the edge or corner of a
piece of lumber

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