Clear Western Red Cedar Custom Milled Rail Cap

If you can dream it up, we can have it made!  We specialize in working with customers with unique building materials needs all over the US.

Because we are located in the heart of Cedar Country, the only place in the world Western Red Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar are natively grown, we can offer superior quality Cedar building materials with exceptional pricing.  Whatever you are looking for, if we don’t stock it, chances are we can find a mill to custom make it for you.

We are currently working with a home builder in Half Moon Bay, CA, on an exquisite custom home and are getting ready to ship out this custom milled, clear vertical grain Western Red Cedar rail cap along with more clear cedar T&G cladding for the project.

custom milled clear western red cedar rail cap

Starting with the architect’s specs, we had a line drawing created with the customer’s exact measurements to review before starting production.

custom milled western red cedar building materials start with a line drawing

Once the clear, vertical grain Western Red Cedar rail cap was milled, a filler piece of wood was attached to the bottom to help protect the “legs” during pre-stain and shipment.

Tight Grain, Clear Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar milled into a custom rail cap

Next, the rail cap was pre-stained with Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label in “Cedar”.  This will help protect the custom milled Cedar rail cap during shipment, on the job site, and during installation.


A second field coat is recommended before installation on all four sides.

Stay tuned for more amazing photos of this project!  And before your next project, be sure to visit us!  We ship nationwide!

clear western red cedar siding

architect spec'd clear western red cedar tongue and groove siding


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  1. Andy F. says:

    What are your feelings on using Boiled linseed oil mixed with Turpentine or mineral spirits on cedar? What is the proper ratio? I think I remember 1:2 ratio. Would you recommend adding Paraffin wax also? I am using reclaimed old fencing and milling it down to repurpose for a new fence. I want to retain the natural colors and grains for as many years as possible without it molding. Was planning on using a garden sprayer and back rolling prior to install and then again after installation (re-applying annually). I am located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State within about 5 miles of Puget Sound. If you have recommendations for this or other products can you name them and why? I heard of this from an old time cedar contractor many years ago. Thanx in advance for any help with finishing products and application methods and maintenance. I have tried other commercial products/coatings in the past with mixed results. I learned a lot from your site. Thank You for the info.

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