Howell Deck – Hat Island

We recently received these pictures of our customer’s project out on Hat Island.   They purchased the 2×6 Knotty Alaskan Yellow Cedar Decking from us last summer and recently completed the main floor deck.  As there is no ferry service to Hat Island, the customer arranged transportation with a local barge company to get him, his truck, and his decking over to the Island a little bit at a time.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is an ideal choice for decking in the Pacific Northwest climate. Naturally resistant to rot and decay, West Coast Indian tribes used it for canoes and totem poles.  Alaskan Yellow Cedar is sought out for boat building, structural framing, siding, decking, and roofing in today’s marketplace.  Due to its ease of workability, it is also used for intricate carvings and in making musical instruments.

We hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures of the Howell’s lovely new deck and the view from their little piece of heaven out on Hat Island.

2x6 knotty alaskan yellow cedar decking installation

Knotty Yellow Cedar Decking for Sale

Alaska Yellow Cedar handrail

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Decking and Railing is ideal for damp climates

Weathered Alaskan Yellow Cedar Decking

This Alaskan Yellow Cedar was not treated and will be left to grey out, which is perfect for this beautiful island setting.  The integrity of the wood is not compromised in any way if left untreated.

In addition to Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Western Red Cedar decking, we also offer hardwood decking, such as our Red Balau “Mahogany,” as well as man-made composites including Azek, Timbertech, and Zometek.

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4 comments on “Howell Deck – Hat Island

  1. Tom Feldner says:

    Have you used Sherwin Williams Colorscapes? Or would you do a custom order?

  2. Graham Gilley says:

    We built an Alaskan Yellow Cedar house three years ago with lumber supplied by you. We absolutely love it and generates a lot of curious questions. Our 800 sf deck is also AYC. None of the work was treated. Question is, is there a downside to power washing the deck annually? The upside is a bright grey finish and removal of all moisture retaining crud between the boards, but does the removal of surface winter algae and dirt affect the long term wear of the boards?

    • Thanks for taking the time to contact us! It is recommended that you do wash it annually, just as you have been. Be sure to keep the psi down and gently wash your deck so you don’t disturb the grain. If you’ve got any recent pics, please send them our way:-) Take care!

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