Cedar and Other Softwood Pricing Climbing Again due to BC Wildfires

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the 26 wildfires raging in British Columbia.   To date, six SPF (Spruce – Pine – Fir) mills are shut down and major suppliers such as West Fraser, Tolko and Norbord Inc., have suspended operations and there are an estimated 37,000 Canadians displaced by these fires.   With no rainfall in sight, it is believed that this will only get worse and the fire proximity to timber stands is very dangerous.

With recent increased tariffs on Canadian softwoods, we will likely see prices rise again, some say 6-10% due the mill shut downs.  Again, economists say this will drive the cost up on constructions budgets that will likely be absorbed by builders, rather than home buyers.

For information on donating to help those affected by the BC wildfires, Donate to the British Columbia Fires Appeal 




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