Western Red Cedar Timbers and Beams

Western Red Cedar is a solid choice for interior and exterior applications where strength, appearance, and serviceability are of utmost importance.

With its straight grain and uniform texture, Western Red Cedar has natural properties that provide greater resistance to insect attack and rot, and decay than many other kinds of wood. And, because it is free of pitch and resin, it readily accepts a wide variety of finishes, including paint.

Because Cedar Country is located in the Pacific Northwest’s heart, the only place in the world where Western Red Cedar is grown, we have access to top-quality material in extremely long lengths and large dimensions.

We shipped these beautiful 8×12″ by 32′ beautiful Western Red Cedar timbers to a customer in Kentucky. Even with shipping, the pricing, not to mention quality, is far superior to any our customer could find in his local market.

8×12″ by 32′ Western Red Cedar timbers

Another impressive project is this stunning outdoor space created by using 8×16” x 32’, 8×8″ and 4×4″ Full, Rough Sawn Appearance Western Red Cedar Timbers and Beams that we supplied to a customer on Long Island in New York. The craftsmanship on this project is truly amazing!

32' Western Red Cedar Timbers

Western Red Cedar Beams

With practically every size and dimension available, our Western Red Cedar Timbers and Beams are normally supplied “green”.  And while most timbers are rough cut, you also do have the option of having them surfaced on all four sides to produce a smooth, uniform appearance, if desired.

When the appearance of the highest quality Western Red Cedar is desired, Timbers that have been graded as “Clear” are most often chosen.  Clear Cedar Timbers are suitable for high-quality landscape structures and exposed posts and beams in heavy timber construction.  This grade is produced without cut-outs, and the natural characteristics do not detract from the wood’s fine appearance.

Clear Grade Western Red Cedar Beams

Clear Grade Western Red Cedar Beams

Most often, Appearance Knotty grade Timbers are chosen.  Appearance Timbers and Beams represent good value for appearance end uses.  These timbers contain no large holes or pitch pockets and have very limited wane.  Appearance Timbers are suitable for almost any outdoor structure, entryways, and a wide variety of other uses.  Large knots that do not fall out are present.

Appearance Grade Western Red Cedar Timbers

Appearance Grade Western Red Cedar Timbers

In some instances, when strength or serviceability is more important than appearance, we can provide Structural or “Standard” Beams and Timbers.  Structural Timbers are intended for engineered application where strength is more important than appearance, while “Standard” graded timbers are intended for general construction purposes where serviceability is more important than appearance. No structural values are assigned to “Standard” Timbers.

As expected, pricing on our Timbers is directly related to the Grade of Timber chosen, as well as size.  Timbers in length over 20’ can be considerably more costly per lineal foot than those under 20’, as are Timbers in width over 12″.

Highly sought after because of the stunning natural coloring array, our Western Red Cedar Timbers will range in color from light yellow to a deep, rich dark brown-red.   Because our timbers are made from natural wood and each piece is beautifully unique, we are not able to select timbers based on color to fill orders.

Various Colors of Western Red Cedar Timbers

The Color of Western Red Cedar Varies

When your Western Red Cedar Timbers arrive at your job site, proper storage is of utmost importance to avoid exposing the cedar to UV or moisture.  Your Timbers should be kept covered and banded together, as well as elevated off the ground until you are ready to begin installation.

Large Timbers and Beams will require fasteners larger than nails.  Bolts, lag screws, split rings, and shear plates, as well as custom-made hardware, are commonly used.  All fasteners should be corrosion resistant or suitably coated to prevent corrosion and staining and rated for structural use (as necessary).   Because the cost of fasteners and other hardware can be significant when building large structures, and in some instances challenging to find, they should be secured before your Timbers arrive.

Western Red Cedar Timbers require large connectors

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  1. dakota says:


    • We would be happy to supply you with pricing but need to know the dimensions and grade. Please feel free to email us a list michele@cclumber.com

      • Doug Rickard - The Woodwright Shoppe says:

        I am very much interested in your product for a project that I have for a customer.
        I am building a 18′ x 18′ outdoor pergola for this customer. My materials list is as follows – I would like them to be the actual size listed. Not nominal sizing. I would like appearance grade western red cedar. In your opinion should I use kiln dried lumber to reduce shrinkage from drying even though this is an outdoor project?
        2 – 2 x 4 x 14
        4 – 6 x 6 x 10
        4 – 2 x 12 x 24
        16 – 2 x 10 x 24
        8 – 2 x 6 x 12
        1 – 1 1/2 x 8 x 16
        My address for shipping is 304 Townhall Rd Metamora Il 61548.

      • Hi Doug

        Thanks for your interest. Michele will be in touch with you via email. Enjoy your day!

  2. Fabiano Da Silva says:

    I’m very interested in a (4in x 8in = 74cm) beam. My zip code is 01519.

    • Hi Fabiano

      Sorry for the delay – what is the species and grade are you looking for?

      • fabianomyrna says:

        I’m looking for a (cedar wood)

        Cedar Country Lumber commented on Western Red Cedar Timbers and Beams.

        in response to Fabiano Da Silva:

        I’m very interested in a (4in x 8in = 74cm) beam. My zip code is 01519.

        Hi Fabiano

        Sorry for the delay – what is the species and grade are you looking for?

  3. David Nutter says:

    Hello from Virginia,

    Starting a wooden paddle board project, and in need of some clean western red cedar and white cedar accents. 8 Rough cut 2x8x10 western red cedar, and one white or yellow cedar would be ideal. Looking for price and shipping cost to ricmond va area. Thanks for your help!

  4. Brent says:

    Could I get prices on 6x6x10foot Douglas fir

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