Clear, Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar Airfoil Louvers

We specialize in working with customers with unique needs.  When we were contacted with a very detailed architect spec for airfoil louvers made from Clear, Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar, we were thrilled with the opportunity to help.

Used in modern architecture, both commercially and in residential custom building, exterior wood louvers add cool sophistication to the exterior facade with the look that only natural wood can provide.   Because of Western Red Cedar’s natural properties against rot, decay, and insect attack, as well as its lightweight and workability, it is the ideal wood choice for this type of project.

Western Red Cedar exterior louvers

The airfoil louvers we supplied to our customer were custom milled from the finest 2×8″ clear, vertical grain Western Red Cedar available on the market and will be used to provide shade as exterior blinds.  Because we are located in the heart of Cedar Country, the only place where Western Red Cedar is grown, we were able to source the highest quality material and turn this order around in a reasonable amount of time, at a reasonable price.

Clear Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar exterior blinds

Custom milled Western Red Cedar building materials are our specialty

The finest 2x8" clear, vertical grain Western Red Cedar was used to mill these custom air foil louvers

Custom Milled Western Red Cedar Louvers

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Custom Pre-Staining Services

Looking to save time and money on the job site, as well as protect your siding, trim boards, shingles, shakes, wood decking or Cedar fencing? We can arrange to have your products pre-stained at the factory and delivered to your job site ready to install.

custom pre-stained interior Western Red Cedar paneling

With nearly every color imaginable, from clear products that allow the natural characteristics and colors of the wood to show through, to semi-transparent stains that add a subtle hue, to solid color coatings, the quality of the finish is impossible to duplicate using on-site installation methods. Your material will be completely covered on all sides with a flood coat of stain, in a temperature-controlled environment, free of dust and debris, then back brushed to ensure even absorption and coverage.

The pieces are then placed on racks in a drying room until cured.

Custom Pre-staining of your lumber will save time and money on the job site

In this photo, custom cut Western Red Cedar Airfoils are being individually coated with a penetrating oil

pre-stained air foils drying after coating

The Western Red Cedar Airfoils are left to dry completely in a drying room before packing up for shipment

No waiting for perfect weather! No over-spray, uneven application, or streaking! Having your materials coated prior to coming to the job site will help them stay cleaner, as well as help protect them during installation.

And save you money!

Stain absorption may vary due to the density and/or porosity of the Western Red Cedar or other wood fibers. The final color and how it adheres/absorbs into the material will vary. Due to this, color matches are not guaranteed to match any previous sample or order exactly.

A second field coat of finish following installation is required.

Generally, your order will be ready to ship in 10 to 14 days, ready for installation. To get the order going, we do require a deposit at the time the order is placed. Sorry, we cannot cancel a custom order once it has been placed.

Custom Stained Western Red Cedar Tight Knot Siding

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