Western Red Cedar Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are a great solution for most people wanting to put in a vegetable garden.   Not only do they look neat and tidy, they also produce a higher yield than traditional gardens per square foot.

Because of its resistance to rot and decay, Western Red Cedar is the IDEAL choice for raised beds.

cedar raised garden beds

And here are just a few more reasons why Western Red Cedar raised garden beds are a great choice

  • Longer planting season. In the Spring, the soil warms faster and retains heat longer into the fall.
  • Because the soil is not being walked on, there is great aeration for your plants, as well as excellent drainage.
  • Less maintenance! Weed control is much easier, as is pest control
  • Way less bending ~ this provides relief to the back and knees
  • No tree roots or other obstacles so root expansion is not impeded
  • The wooden framework makes it easy to attach trellises for upright planting – thus producing an even higher yield
  • It is easier to amend the soil as needed for the types of crops being grown

When planning your new raised garden, ideally you would want your beds to be 3 to 5 feet across to allow for easy accessibility for planning, harvesting, and weeding and allow enough soil for the veggies to grow in.  Any narrower than 3’ do tend to dry out fairly quickly.   As far as length, that can vary as much as your imagination or what your particular space allows.   Beds 10-12” deep work well for most vegetables.

Raised bed garden

Western Red Cedar Raised Garden Bed Material


2×12” Western Red Cedar for raised garden beds at pricing you can afford!  Limited to stock on hand!

Cedar for raised garden beds


Select a nice sunny location and remove the sod.  Next, level the area to the best of your ability.  Cut your Cedar into your desired lengths and lay it in place.  Next, screw your pieces together using a self-taping screw, such as a 4” Timberlock.  We would recommend using 2 per connection.


For protection against weeds coming up through the bottom of the bed, you can place a weed-blocking cloth on the bottom.  Additionally, if you are worried about moles or other critters boring up through your beds, you can lay chicken wire inside the bed and secure it to the sides using staples.  Next, fill your bed with good quality organic soil, and you are ready to plant!

raised garden beds filled with organic soil ready to plant

Due to excellent pricing on our Raised Garden Bed Cedar, it is sold *as is* ~ there are no returns or exchanges. Pricing is limited to stock and lengths on hand.

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