Custom Powder Coated Aluminum Railing Systems

Perfect for residential and commercial applications, Western ClearView powder-coated aluminum railings are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and are designed for modern living at an affordable price.  With dozens of combinations of glass, picket, and stainless steel cable in a variety of colors to choose from, the right look for your project is just a quote away.

To help ensure you have exactly all the components you need, at all the right lengths and angles, we will have a ClearView representative field measure your project before your railing is quoted for FREE (limited to the location of the project). All railing systems are available with either surface or fascia mount posts and installation hardware and are backed with a 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Each color is powder-coated onto the aluminum using an ionic bond process, making it much more durable and long-lasting than conventional painted rails. For the Powder Coat Warranty to remain intact, the railing system is to be washed and rinsed with fresh water at least two times per year.

Powder Coated Aluminum Railing Available Colors

Available in a wide variety of colors, our powder-coated railing systems will complement almost any architectural style or color

Picket Railing System

The most conventional railing, this system is sturdy and dependable with clean and elegant lines. Available with standard 1-5/8” Square Pickets, 1-1/2” Slat Pickets or Basket Pickets which contain a 2” bow in the middle of the picket.

white powder coated aluminum railing system

Welded Picket Railing System

The easiest and quickest to install, the welded panels provide more strength than component pickets. It is also the most economic aluminum powder-coated rail system we offer. The welded picket panels can span up to 8 feet between posts (for a 36” tall system) saving even more time and money by not having to buy or install as many posts.

aluminum powder coated railing

Glass Railing System

The most popular railing, this system provides sturdy construction with a completely unobstructed view of your surroundings. The top and bottom channels can also accept pickets if a mix of the two styles is desired. The glass can be clear, tinted, or obscured and can be custom cut for stairs or other custom applications.

Glass Panel Custom Coated Railing System is perfect when an unobstructed view is desired

Self Cleaning Glass

We can provide a “Green” environmentally safe coating for any of these ClearView Railing products that VIRTUALLY ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR CLEANING! This revolutionary technology only requires Sunlight and Water (rain) to activate its process of destroying and washing away organic materials from the surface.

  • Glazing stays cleaner longer. For touchup cleaning use only vinegar and water.
  • TIO2 Nano-Technology accelerates the continuous photo-catalytic breakdown of any organic compounds.
  • The resulting Hydrophilic action causes water to sheet on the surface and rinse away the decomposed dirt from the surface more efficiently.
  • The glass surface dries more quickly with minimal spotting and streaking.
  • No unsightly tint or reflective surface.
  • Reduces dew formation and collection on the glass surface, as well as UV transmittance.
  • Factory-applied to new Western ClearView railing glass
  • FDA and EPA approved.
  • Safe for humans and pets.
  • Continues to work for 5-8 years.

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