1×4 Clear Mahogany Tongue and Groove Paneling

We are pleased to offer a new product to our line-up this spring, 1×4” clear grade KAYU® Mahogany T&G. Whether your style is traditional, coastal, modern, or farmhouse, adding natural wood accents to your home is hot on the market right now.

This 1×4” clear Mahogany T&G may be used as siding, in exterior porch ceiling or soffit areas, as well as interior walls and ceilings. It is the same beautiful tropical hardwood that has been used in the yachting and boating industry for many years where beauty and performance are of upmost importance.

1x4 clear Mahogany T&G for exterior soffits and ceilings
Our Clear Mahogany T&G is the same wood that has been used for many years in the boat building industry
Photos courtesy of Bob N. of Lynden

Naturally resistant to rot, decay, insects and mold, these solid pieces of wood can be installed vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in any combination. This wood is harvested sustainably from renewable resources and can be repurposed or completely recycled when it has fulfilled its intended use.

1x4 Clear Grade Mahogany T&G is a great value

All this at an excellent value compared to similar clear grade woods and/or composite materials. Contact us for pricing. In stock and ready to deliver!


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    Is prefinished micro V finished with a water or oil based sealer/stain?

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