Alaska Yellow Cedar Shingles for Roofing

Grown only in the Pacific Northwest coastal areas of Alaska, British Columbia, and Washington State, Alaska Yellow Cedar is not a true “cedar” and belongs in the cypress family. This species goes by many common names, including: Nootka cypress, yellow cypress, Alaska cypress, Nootka cedar, yellow cedar, Alaska cedar, and Alaska yellow cedar.

Due to the short growing season along the Pacific coast, the growth rings of Yellow Cedar trees are tight, making them heavier, denser, and stronger than either Western Red Cedar or White Cedar.  Naturally resistant to rot and decay, Alaska Yellow Cedar shrinks very little over time, making it an ideal choice for roofing.

Alaska Yellow Cedar roofing shingles

100% Edge Grain Alaska Yellow Cedar Shingles lay flat

We are pleased to offer top-grade 18” Alaska Yellow Cedar shingles that are 100% clear heartwood and 100% edge grain.  These are perfect for either sidewall or roofing applications.  100% edge grain shingles and shakes outperform grades that allow flat grain.  This is because of the way the cedar cants are split (or sawn) to achieve a more dimensionally stable product.  Edge grain shingles and shakes will have vertical lines on the exposed face.  When looking at the butt end of an edge grain shingle, you will see the tight annual growth rings perpendicular to the surface.  Edge grain shingles will lay flatter and are less likely to curl or cup.

certigrade yellow cedar shingles

Alaska Yellow Cedar Shingles for sale for roofing and siding

Whether our Alaska Yellow Cedar shingles are installed as siding or roofing, they are best left to weather naturally and turn into a uniform silver-gray. The wood’s integrity and unique properties are intact and will perform admirably for years with little maintenance.  These many unique characteristics of Alaska Yellow Cedar make it a precious and sought-after specialty building material by contractors, architects, and designers, for both residential and commercial use.

Alaska Yellow Cedar shingles left to weather into a silver gray

Yellow Cedar Shingle Roof left to weather into a beautiful gray

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