Make Your Own Rustic Christmas Tree out of Western Red Cedar

Perfect for small spaces and those who love simplicity. This crafty little tree can be made in practically any size.  Because this little Christmas Tree is made from Western Red Cedar that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, it can be displayed indoors, as well as out.

Start by determining how tall you would like the tree to to make a rustic christmas tree out of western red cedar scraps Cut a piece of 5/4×4″ Western Red Cedar to the length desired.  Ours is about 8′ tall.

Next, measure up about 10” from the bottom of the trunk and begin laying your pieces of scrap lumber.  Pieces that are ¼” thick, in varying widths work really well and add a nice country charm. Use your longer pieces at the bottom, working your way up to the top with shorter pieces.

A good way to make your spacing even between rows, as well as keep your slats level, is to use a block of wood about 1” thick and place it in between courses. Attach each course using screws that firmly secure the material together, but don’t penetrate all the way through the trunk piece.

Since we are working with Western Red Cedar, it is important to use Stainless Steel or coated fasteners for this project.  Other types of fasteners can leave streaking and can corrode, especially if your tree will be displayed outdoors.

Next, measure out the longest piece on the bottom evenly on both sides and draw a line from that mark to the center of the top with a pencil. This will create the perfect triangle, which can be as narrow or wide as you choose.

Using a skill saw, follow the shape of the triangle that you drew and you will have a perfect Christmas tree shape. The tree can be displayed in its natural state, or if you prefer, you could paint it, or a white wash can be applied like in the tree here.

Rustic Western Red Cedar Christmas Tree with Whitewash applied

The make the white wash, mix white latex paint with water. We used a ratio of ¼ paint to ¾ water, for this tree so that the finish is light and the natural characteristics of the wood come through.

Now your Rustic Country Christmas Tree is ready for decorations!

Rustic Handmade Wooden Christmas Tree

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